Grimani Systems Appoints John Johnsen as Sales Manager

Grimani Systems announces the appointment of industry veteran John Johnsen to fill its Sales Manager role.  Johnsen brings 30+ years of professional and consumer AV sales management, business development, and marketing savvy to Grimani Systems. In leading the sales effort at Grimani Systems, Johnsen is responsible for conveying the unique features and benefits of Grimani Systems loudspeakers to high-end residential and pro system integrators, architects and builders.

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Grimani Systems to Host a Product Preview Event at Downtown Denver’s Historic Downtown Athletic Club (Est. 1884) during Industry Trade Exposition Event

During 2019’s CEDIA Expo, a consumer trade association that delivers the best technology solutions for its members, Grimani Systems will be one block away at the The Denver Athletic Club not pumping iron but delivering on a promise to elevate the state-of-the-art on home and professional cinema sound.  The private event will showcase the latest result of Grimani Systems development efforts – Rixos.  Rixos is currently 3 models of in or on-wall active to stand along or add to Grimani’s solution based systems to date.  Public availability of Rixos systems will be available soon on our website.

Anthony Grimani at San Diego Music and Audio Guild

San Diego Music and Audio Guild

Anthony Grimani made a presentation recently at the San Diego Music and Audio Guild, talking about all the recent work on speaker design and measurements, how they correlate to listener preferences, and how Grimani Systems applies all of that in our new speakers. He brought a pair of our Tau active tower speakers, and tuned them to the presentation room with their built-in DSP EQ.


CEDIA 2018 San Diego: September 6 to 8, 2018

We are exhibiting at CEDIA EXPO 2018 from September 6 through 8, 2018. Come visit our Booth # 1801 and see our latest range of new-school speakers. Anthony Grimani will be on hand to share his deep knowledge of home theater technologies, and explain the hows and whys behind our award winning products.

San Diego Convention Center, 111 W. Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92101

CEDIA is a consumer trade association delivering its members’ best technology solutions for in home audio visual enjoyment.
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A CinemaTwo with Immersive Audio upgrade outfits a classical-style dedicated three-row theater, and gives the client audiophile sound and high dynamics cinematic performance.
The owner of this brand new Tuscan home in the hills over Silicon Valley is a technology executive, and he deserves nothing but the latest in technology for his private cinema. A fifteen speaker plus six subwoofer audio system complements a large variable-aspect-ratio 4K projection system for a peak-performance immersive entertainment experience.



We just finished this stunning mid-sized home cinema in LA — a pinnacle of quality and functionality. The client opted for the newest audio and video technologies, including a full Grimani Systems CinemaOne with Atmos upgrade, all carefully concealed behind the screen, the arches, and the ceiling panels and a DCI compliant RGB Laser video projection system from Quantum Media to light up the 15 foot-wide screen.


Red Hook Post: Case-Study

Red Hook Post, a new independent film studio in the cool and trendy Red Hook district of Brooklyn, just built a mix room for their film and broadcast clients. After visiting Gigantic films in Manhattan and hearing Grimani Systems speakers there, Tom Efinger, Red Hook Post’s principal, decided he needed that level of performance in his new facility.


Red Hook Post installs Grimani Systems Cinema Three

Hip and trendy Red Hook Post, a new film post production studio, set up shop in Brooklyn where they installed a Grimani Systems Cinema Three, for sound quality heads and shoulders above anyone else. Anthony Grimani went to NY to commission and calibrate the system. See the room, and hear what Tom Efinger, the studio’s principal has to say about the sound system.


Grimani Systems Launches CinemaThree Ensemble

Residential Systems | May 22, 2017

Optimized for High-Performance Home Theaters

Grimani Systems has launched the new CinemaThree speaker ensemble, optimized for high-performance home cinemas up to 400 square feet, with the same audio quality found in the company’s larger systems.

The loudspeakers are active, with built-in digital signal processing for crossover and room correction. Hookup is as simple as powering up the speakers and connecting line level audio from a surround controller.

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C Theater: Case Study

This beautiful private theater in the Orange County hills was upgraded to Atmos immersive audio and 4K video. A set of Beta speakers replaced the original fronts which had a few blown tweeters from years of use and frequent Karaoke parties. The high frequency headroom of the Betas will easily accommodate the most powerful soprano belting out to her favorite rock tunes! …


Gigantic Films Mix C: Case Study

Gigantic Films, an award-winning independent film studio in the heart of New York City, just added a new mix room to accommodate their growing production needs. Instead of using garden variety cinema speakers, Gigantic wanted superlative quality and opted for a set of Grimani Systems Alpha speakers for the front LCR channels, and a set of four Sigma subwoofers for LFE and Bass Management. …


H-Media Room: Case Study

What’s better than a private screening room? A private screening room that is also a gym, gathering space, a lounge, and dance floor! This client wants it all, he wants it good, and he wants it loud. The full Grimani Systems CinemaOne ensemble gives him audiophile subtlety and the ability to play the loudest hip hop cuts and the most dynamic movie soundtracks. All this in a gym room that is surrounded by mirrors and hard surfaces. …


L-Gym Spin Room: Case Study

Spinning, an athletic version of stationary bikes is all the rage these days. You can learn how to optimize your exercise routine under guidance of a professional trainer, and monitor your progress. Of course you want to do this with good clean loud thumping tunes. This client chose a set of our Beta speakers and Psi subwoofers to combine audiophile sensibilities with the sound pressure capacity and reliability of our technologies. …


P-Theater Showroom: Case Study

A high end home cinema showroom needs to perform at the pinnacle of what technology has to offer, all day, every day. Our CinemaOne system in this Northern California showroom serves to showcase the best of what film soundtracks can do for the realism the of movie going experience while being easy to run, and able to compete toe-to-toe with any of the audiophile systems around. …