A high end home cinema showroom needs to perform at the pinnacle of what technology has to offer, all day, every day. Our CinemaOne system in this Northern California showroom serves to showcase the best of what film soundtracks can do for the realism of the movie going experience while being easy to run, and able to compete toe-to-toe with any of the audiophile systems around.

Three Alphas speakers concealed behind the acoustically transparent woven screen, along with six Betas inside the faux coffer beams reproduce even the most demanding 7.1 channel surround sound tracks. Four Sigma subwoofers, along the four corners are tuned for best impact in the seating area, with remarkably little seat-to-seat variation.

A 160” wide 2.37:1 screen with 4K UHD video complements the system, to match the best of what you could find in a film studio screening room.

“I was so impressed by Grimani Systems’ Cinema One that I decided to install it in the largest demo room of my new store,” said Tony Probst, respected owner of Audio Video Integration in Marin County, California