This client had just built his dream Tuscan-style home in the rolling hills over Silicon Valley, CA. To finish it out, he wanted a great place to enjoy movies and concert videos from all around the world. He got that and a lot more in a 24’x16.5’x 9.2’ acoustically treated and tuned room with sound isolation, Dolby Atmos immersive sound, 4K widescreen variable aspect ratio video, and a luxury grade interior finish.

Since the client was a techie, it was only appropriate to give him the latest technologies. He got a Grimani Systems CinemaTwo with Immersive Audio and subwoofer upgrades so as to play the latest Dolby Atmos movies. The speaker package has three matched Beta speakers for front channels behind the huge acoustically transparent screen, two Delta speakers for the Atmos Wide speakers, four Delta speakers for side channels on the lateral walls along with two matched Delta back channel speakers. Add in four matched Omicron top speakers for full Atmos 16 speaker audio immersion. Two Sigma and four Zeta subwoofers, laid out in the four corners, belt out the bottom octaves at an impressive 122dB dB peak sound pressure level.

The room is laid out as a formal dedicated three-row theater, with clean and classical interior design styling and lighting. Our engineering team determined the best room dimensional ratios to minimize standing wave resonances, the best sound isolation construction, the low noise ventilation, and the acoustical tuning package with thick absorber and diffuser panels for a very smooth soundstaging for both music and film. All the speakers and acoustical modules are concealed behind stretched acoustical fabric, and the interior design scheme integrates around the optimized module and speaker placements.

The client wanted an audiophile quality 2-channel sound, and a high dynamics film palace. He got all that in a beautiful setting with reliable and predictable performance thanks to the Grimani Systems CinemaTwo ensemble.