With a combined 50 years of experience building in excess of 600 recording and playback environments, Grimani Systems has created the CinemaOne Audio Ensemble, a turnkey solution capable of delivering a nearly flawless representation of the artist’s original intention, in rooms up to 2,000 square feet (25,000 cubic feet).

Front and center of our achievement is the Conic Section Array waveguide, the loudspeaker’s driving technology.

The Grimani Systems CinemaOne audio package has 13 speakers, more than 16,000 watts of power, 29 channels of amplification, and 10 sophisticated DSP units feeding each of those 29 amp channels separately. Everything is networked and programmable.

The CinemaOne package includes:

  • 3 Grimani Systems Alpha loudspeakers for LCR positions
  • 6 Grimani Systems Beta loudspeakers for surround speaker locations
  • 4 Grimani Systems Sigma subwoofers
  • DAI1 proprietary Digital Audio Injector
  • All mounting hardware
  • Acoustical room treatment package
  • Consulting services with documentation for:
  • Onsite system commissioning and calibration
    • Loudspeaker placement
    • Acoustical room treatment placement
    • Optimized seating locations
    • Screen size and projection optics

Immersive Audio Upgrade for Dolby Atmos includes:

  • 2 Grimani Systems Beta loudspeakers for Wide speaker positions
  • 4 Grimani Systems Omega ceiling loudspeakers

CinemaOne Speaker Components