The Grimani Systems CinemaThree Audio Ensemble is optimized for high performance home cinemas up to 350 square feet (3,500 cubic feet).

The loudspeakers are active, with built-in digital signal processing for crossover, EQ, and room correction. Hookup is as simple as powering up the speakers and connecting line level audio from your surround controller.

The Atmos upgrade for CinemaThree includes all the speakers necessary for implementing immersive audio standards.

All of our ensembles can be customized.

The CinemaThree package includes:

  • 3 Grimani Systems Delta loudspeakers for LCR positions
  • 4 Grimani Systems Delta loudspeakers for Side and Back positions
  • 4 Grimani Systems Zeta subwoofers
  • Mounting hardware

Immersive Audio Upgrade for Dolby Atmos includes:

  • 2 Grimani Systems Delta loudspeakers for Wide speaker positions
  • 4 Grimani Systems Omicron ceiling loudspeakers

CinemaThree Speaker Components