With a combined 50+ years of experience building upwards of 600 recording and playback environments, Grimani Systems has created turnkey audio systems that immerse large private screening rooms with high-precision, dynamic, nuanced sound and deliver a transcendent and memorable experience.

From the most subtle Stradivarius violin to the biggest battle scene, Grimani Systems delivers crisp and immersive sound power. Our elegant technology solutions are designed specifically for luxury home cinemas, and truly convey the artistic vision of the musicians and filmmakers of the new ultra high-definition era.

Transcending the status quo through integrated architecture, unlimited power, musicality, and tireless reliability.

  • ARCHITECTURE. Our components embody the highest level of design and mounting flexibility to blend seamlessly with the room’s interior design and architecture.

  • POWER. Our systems deliver virtually unlimited acoustic power into large-room cinemas—effortlessly rendering music and film passages at virtually any volume level.

  • MUSICALITY. Our patented Conic Section Array™ waveguide, the loudspeaker’s heart and soul, produces an unparalleled level of acoustical performance.

  • RELIABILITY. Smart efficiency through select components and the most direct digital signal routing of any large-room home cinema audio system ensures a superlative user experience and unmatched reliability.