Anthony Grimani at San Diego Music and Audio Guild

San Diego Music and Audio Guild

Anthony Grimani made a presentation recently at the San Diego Music and Audio Guild, talking about all the recent work on speaker design and measurements, how they correlate to listener preferences, and how Grimani Systems applies all of that in our new speakers. He brought a pair of our Tau active tower speakers, and tuned them to the presentation room with their built-in DSP EQ.

15 Awesome A/V Applications from CEDIA Expo 2015

…Grimani Systems is providing an all-encompassing loudspeaker, system design and calibration, and acoustical services package for the discerning audio enthusiasts. Spearheaded by acclaimed system designer and acoustician Anthony Grimani, as well as cofounder Manny LaCarrubba, who developed the CinemaOne Audio Ensemble and Conic Section Array waveguide, Grimani’s CinemaOne System is a fully networked audio system…

CEDIA Expo 2015 Loudspeakers

Usually when someone touts a revolution in speaker design, it’s not really revolutionary and its advantages underwhelm. Thus, despite the reputation of audio expert Anthony Grimani, I doubted that his new line of speakers, sold under the Grimani Systems brand, would impress me much.